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Many people believe that Domestic violence is only physical abuse.  However, Domestic violence takes many different forms.  It may also be psychological, sexual, financial or spiritual violence.


Physical Violence includes hitting, pinching, spitting, slapping, pushing, punching, kicking, burning, stabbing, strangulation, suffocating & shooting.  It may also include threats to cause harm

Psychological Violence (sometimes referred to as emotional or verbal abuse) includes put-downs, name calling, jealousy, harassing, screaming, using degrading language, insults, criticism, harming pets or animals, isolation from family and friends, and threats to leave the relationship or to commit suicide if the victim does not co-operate

Sexual Violence includes unwanted touching or sexual activity, raping and forcing victim into unwanted sexual practices.  It may include control over birth control, forced pregnancies or abortions and transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

Financial Violence occurs when an individual uses finances to control another individual. This could include forcing a person to hand over all or part of their salary or by denying someone access to their own finances, making victim ask or beg for money, forceful removal of money from victim

Spiritual Violence occurs when an individual uses religious or spiritual matters to control another, such as forcing another to follow a particular faith or give up their religion or justifying their violence as religiously and spiritually acceptable


Domestic Violence is about Power & Control 

View the Power & Control Wheel. It shows examples of how abusers use control to get what they want.

power and control wheel


 If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these tactics of control and abuse over your wellbeing and health you are being subjected to ABUSE and HARM it is NOT OK! call or speak with someone about what is happening to you – Get Support and Help 0800 TO REFUGE – 0800 86 733 843

crisisline phone 07 541 1911 or 0800 86 733843
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