Impacts of DV If you are suffering from the after effects of having been physica…

Impacts of DV
If you are suffering from the after effects of having been physically and/or psychologically abused by your husband, boyfriend, or other intimate partner. These aftereffects include symptoms that may continue long after you have left an abusive relationship. Examples of some of these symptoms include:

• heart palpitations or breaking into a cold sweat when you see violence on TV
• waking up in a state of panic from dreams of being chased by your abuser
• cleaning obsessively to avoid thinking about the abuse
• not answering the phone because you think it might be your abuser
• not taking pleasure in activities you used to enjoy
• not feeling close to anyone
• not being able to walk down the street without looking around and worrying that you will run into your abuser
• not being able to get more than four or five hours sleep, and not restful sleep at that
• trying to read and finding yourself stuck on the same page for twenty minutes
• yelling at the kids for little things
• feeling guilty that the children witnessed the abuse or are being deprived of their father
• feeling guilty about not having been able to get your partner to change
• feeling guilty about not having broken off the relationship sooner

These kinds of aftereffects are quite predictable and often occur as a collection of symptoms called Posttraumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD

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